Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Fitness means "being in condition and healthy". It is a sport based upon different exercises. It differs from other sports, by having the goal of stretching and strengthening of muscle with or without the use of instruments. It is actually the essence of all sports. In every sport, different muscles are used. To gain condition on these muscle groups, fitness exercises are used.

Every training program is different. In fitness, we cannot talk about a standard training. Every age, life style and body type should have a different training programme, set up by an expert. You can start this sport from the age of 16.

This sport differs from body building in two ways: It is performed for the goal of health, not to develop muscles. In fitness training, cardiovascular training, such as running and cycling, is used next to weight lifting. Therefore the muscles will not enlarge, but will become tighter, leading to a more aesthetical view.

Benefits: Fitness sport stimulates the secretion of endorphin, estrogen, and testosterone hormones. This helps to a better psychological and fresh feeling. Because the body gets in shape, it increases self-confidence. It increases the metabolism and the energy. It leads to a better good night sleep, and decreases stress. Fitness leads to a better and healthy thinking. People who practiced fitness for a long period of time will have a lower risk of getting cancer or heart attack. It is also advised to diabetics, because of its positive effects on calorie burning.

Matters that require attention: Before starting training, you should learn its risks. You have to dress up properly and pay attention to the choice of your shoe. You should follow the training schedule of the experts. You have to warm up your muscles by stretching, in order to prevent injuries. You have to perform the weight lifting exercises by following orders. If you are just starting, you should not use too much weight, but increase it gradually.