Cultural Activities

Pera Museum

Pera Museum Cultural Activities

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The Logbook of the Ottoman Navy: Ships, Legends, Sailors exhibition intertwines three distinct, yet integrated mythologies of the sea. The imprint of the ships in Ottoman seafaring history, the battles they were engaged in and the heroes who became legendary in these battles assume their places on the stage of civilization in their historic magnitude. At the center of the construct lies the extraordinary adventure of the transition from traditional to modern seafaring methods. The quest for power, the demolished thrones and man’s identification of his fate with the sea is perhaps the oldest story behind this adventure. The cornerstones of a long history that extends from the legacy of a 16th-century Ottoman gallery to the battlecruiser Yavuz, is once again brought to the light of day through the memories of seamen.

Sakip Sabanci Museum

Sakip Sabanci Museum Cultural Activities

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The Collection includes rare manusc-ript copies of the Holy Quran, individual insc-riptions as well as assembled albums, panels, desc-riptions of the attributes of the Prophet, official documents such as decrees and grants of appointment, privilege and income, as well as tools used in the practice of this art. The Collection is displayed on the upper storey of the Atli Kiosk mansion.


ISTANBUL MODERN Cultural Activities

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Having completed its fifth year of life, İstanbul Modern has decided to reemphasize that the museum is a “home for art” with a new exhibition “New Works, New Horizons”. The exhibition presents viewers with a comprehensive look at the evolution of the modern and contemporary arts produced in Turkey. Texts accompanying the works in the exhibition spaces relate the social, cultural, economic, and political aspects involved in the process of this development. Emphasizing that a work of art is a part of life and exists along with the interactions surrounding it, these texts also describe the historical transformation that art in Turkey underwent in the course of the 20th century.

Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum Cultural Activities

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Rezan Has Museum brings you together with the struggle of the communities against the nature, their daily lives, worlds of faith, social and commercial relations and even the instruments they developed to contend with death during the civilization process of human which began approximately nine-ten thousand years ago; in short you will meet the silent witnesses of the previous civilizations.