Egyptian Bazaar - Spice Market

Located just behind the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, the Spice Bazaar was built in 1660 by the architect Kazım Ağa at the behest of Sultan Turhan. It gains its Turkish name, Mısır Çarşısı (Egyptian Bazaar), from the fact that it once received income from taxes levied on Egypt. The English name hails from the days when the Bazaar specialized in the sale of herbs and spices, medicinal plants, and drugs. While the color and aroma pervading the covered hallway may since have faded to some extent, a small number of shops do still stock the traditional products. In addition, you will find sacks and shelves groaning with dried fruits and nuts, teas and infusions, oils and essences, sweetmeats, honeycombs and aphrodisiacs.
The Spice Bazaar is open daily, except Sundays and public holidays.